22 February 2013

Forward Los Rios Gmail

I created a video showing how to set up forwarding for Los Rios Gmail to another email account. This is especially for students who were used to the automatic forwarding that occurred with our previous student email system.


  1. Very nice and "simple" video sir. It really helped me. But, there's one thing I "NOTICED" you forgot to put in. At 1:27 (YOU FORGOT TO SAY PUT YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER IN, THEN CLICK THE VERIFY BUTTON, THEN GO BACK TO SETTINGS..........) Other than that, very simple and "helpful" video. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for that feedback. It also works to click directly on the link in the confirmation email. Hopefully others will read your comment.

  3. Prof Beyrer,

    Nice youtube video... however, along with the video - it would have been nice to have a written list by steps.

    What seems so simple to do to you may not be the same for others.
    I also noticed this was done in 2013 any updates...

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your note. Yes Los Rios Gmail can finally be connected to the Gmail app (on iOS devices); the same goes for Los Rios Google Drive. A new blog entry on this will be published soon.

  4. Very helpful. I am able to RECEIVE emails forwarded to another account now but now I desperately need to be able to SEND emails from another account (SMTP). Can you please list instructions or another video to show how to "Add another email address you own" (losrios email)?

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